research themes

Our research is on reliable autonomy and intelligence. We work on theories, algorithms, tools and experimental testbeds to discover the principles for designing and analyzing autonomous systems like driverless cars and aerial vehicles. See this page to join us.

current members

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Sayan Mitra

Sayan is Professor of ECE and CS. His book on verification was published by MIT press in 2021.

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Kristina Miller

Kristina (BS MechSE, UIUC) is pursuing a PhD student. Her research explores synthesis algorithms and their applications in autonomous systems. She is the lead developer of the FACTEST synthesis engine.

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Yangge Li

Yangge Li's (BS, MS ECE, UIUC) PhD is on verification of autonomous systems. He has built the next generation verification framework Verse and is exploring how code and contracts can be analyzed for safety.

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Katherine Braught

Katherine is a graduate student in Computer Science and her interests are in algorithms, verification, and probabilistic reasoning.

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Chenxi Ji

Chenxi is a PhD student in ECE and is working on verification and control.

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Yan Miao

Yan is a graduate student in ECE and is working on design and correction of ML-enabled controllers.

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Ben Yang

Ben is working towards his masters thesis on learaning-based control and safe autonomy.

phd alumni

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Dawei Sun

Dawei copleted his PhD in ECE in 2023 and joined ByteDance. One of the key contributions of his thesis was the development of controller synthesis algorithms in which both the controller and the correctness certificates are represented as neural networks. His work is embodied in software tools like HooVer Neureach and he also deployed his controllers on quadrotors.

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Chiao Hsieh

Chiao completed his PhD in CS in 2023. He pioneered the work on safety of vision-based control systems using perception contracts. Earlier he led the work on the Koord language.

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Hussein Sibai

Hussein completed his PhD from ECE in 2021 and he is currently a postdoc at UC Berkeley. His research explored how model structure and symmetries can help scale verification of autonomous systems. He has developed abstractions, algorithms and data-structures that have shown in some cases 100x speed-up of verifcation for nonlinear, hybrid, and multi-agent systems. Hussein received Illinois' Mavis Fellowhip, best poster award at HSCC'18, and ACM Gold Prize for Student Research.

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Ritwika Ghosh

Ritwika completed her PhD from CS in 2020, and is now a Senior Software Engineer at Her PhD research was on programming distributed robotic systems.

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Chuchu Fan

Chuchu completed her PhD from ECE in 2019, and is now an Assistant Professor in the Aerospace Engineering Department at MIT. Her PhD research was on data-driven verification and synthesis of autonomous systems and it was recognized with the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award---the top prize for CS PhD in the world!

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Zhenqi Huang

Zhenqi completed his PhD from ECE in 2016, and is now at Waymo. His PhD research was on Compositional analysis of CPS for safety and privacy.

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Parasara Sridhar Duggirala

Sridhar completed his PhD from CS in 2015, co-advised M. Viswanathan. He is now Assistant Professor of Computer Science at UNC Chapel Hill. Sridhar's PhD research was on Dynamic verification of cyber-physical systems.

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Taylor Johnson

Taylor, the first graduate from our group, completed his PhD in 2013. He is now Associate Professor of EECS at Vanderbilt University. Taylor's PhD research was on Formal verification of distributed cyber-physical systems.

ms alumni

undergraduate alumni