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People Involved

Sayan Mitra Lecturer
mitras at illinois.edu
Phone: 333-7824
Office: CSL 226

Spring 2016

ECE/CS 584: Embedded & Cyberphysical System Verification


Software Tools

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Recommended Reading

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Additional References

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This excerpt explains the relationship amongst the different hybrid and timed automata models, and the chronology of their development.

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Class Project Publications

The following is an incomplete list of publications are related to past projects done by students in this class.

[HM12] Zhenqi Huang and Sayan Mitra:Computing bounded reach sets from sampled simulation traces. HSCC 2012: 291-294.

[Zim12] Adam Zimmerman. SrarL for programming reliable robotic netwroks. Masters Thesis. UIUC, 2012.

[MMBC11] Karthik Manamcheri, Sayan Mitra, Stanley Bak, Marco Caccamo: A step towards verification and synthesis from simulink/stateflow models. HSCC 2011: 317-318.

[HDJ13] Hossain, Dhople, and Johnson. Reachability analysis of closed-loop switching power converters. Power and Energy Conference at Illinois (PECI), 2013 IEEE, 130-134.


Latex prelude for lecture notes.
Bibliography for lecture notes (rename this file to hyb_course.bib).

PVS Language Reference describes the syntax and semantics of PVS language.
PVS System describes the user interface including with a quick guide.
PVS Prover Guide is the complete reference for PVS proof commands.
NASA Langley PVS course.

UPPAAL tutorial talk presents a quick overview and this paper discusses the tool in detail.
Another UPPAAL tutorial paper.
Several UPPAAL case studies presented by Radek Pelanek.

Wikipedia page on Lego Mindstorms NXT with many links to tools and programming languages.
Lego advanced Open Source NXT Firmware, docs for NXT virtual machine, SDK.
NXT executable file format doc.
NXT hardware: basic architecture, sensors docs.